#061 | I'M QUITTING MY JOB aka How to Dunning-Kruger Your Way to Success ;)

February 23, 2022 The Dunning-Kruger of Copywriters Episode 61
#061 | I'M QUITTING MY JOB aka How to Dunning-Kruger Your Way to Success ;)
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#061: I'm quitting my main job that I've been working for 8 years to pursue a full-time freelance copywriting career. From April 2022, I'll basically be totally running my own business, pitching and closing leads, working on projects, building my ever-increasing portfolio, and STACKING PAPER.

That’s right, I’m deluding myself into thinking I know more than I actually do and DUNNING-KRUGERING MY WAY TO SUCCESS! Woohoo! I'mma becum the Mfkin' Dunning-Kruger of Copywriters, m8!

Does this mean I'm totally rich and successful and all that sheeeeiiiit? NO. But it's a huge step in that direction, and I'm just getting started.

This means:

  • No more daily 1-hour commutes, 2 times a day, adding up to 10+ hours of commute time a week. I get that time back.
  • I can set my own schedule to work, and have even more freedom than I already did.
  • I can work from a laptop at a café on the other side of the country by a beach like one of those digital gonads or whatever they're called, as long as I has INTERNETZ. I can work almost anywhere in the world if I so choose! Doesn't mean I'm leaving Korea anytime soon, but it's awesome to know that I can do it if I want.
  • I'm that much closer to living that "4-Hour Workweek" ideal. Not that I'd only work 4 hours, but that I'd have the freedom to do whatever I want with my time.
  • I'm able to get paid more doing something I'm interested in and good at, which is writing content and ads for blockchain/crypto projects, whitepapers, e-commerce products & services, see the back-end of interesting businesses and industries, and so on.
  • I'll have way more time and resources to devote to MAIM TIME! In fact, I never have to monetize this show if I don't want to. Why?
  • I can make more than enough money I need for the rest of my gawd-man life, whenever and wherever I am.

This is the most exciting time of my life. I'm in a critical period of transition personally, financially, spiritually.

How did I get here? Where do I begin?
How can this help you in your own personal journey towards what you see as "success"?
Tune in and SEE WHAT TIME IT IS!

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