#064 | Ushering in the Asian American Renaissance with Ryan Takemiya

March 14, 2022 Ryan Takemiya Episode 64
#064 | Ushering in the Asian American Renaissance with Ryan Takemiya
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#064: This is the most amazing time to be alive in human history, especially for Asian societies, and especially for Asian-Americans and diaspora worldwide. There's never been more opportunity. We're experiencing a new unprecedented era and advances in every single field of human endeavor. Peace and prosperity, industry, technology, culture, finance, art, music, spirituality, adventure.

If the First Renaissance took place in Europe from the 14th to the 17th century, then is the Second Renaissance -- Trinaissance? -- taking place in Asia? This is the Asian Century. If you're Asian, if you're diaspora, there's never been a better time to be alive, with more opportunities for success, fulfillment, impact, growth, evolution. 

What about your Personal Renaissance?
The rebirth of your heart, mind, and soul?

I've experienced several rebirths in my life.
From being damned to being baptized and saved as a believer in Christ.
To losing my faith entirely and surrendering to nihilism.
To starting a new life in Korea to find myself and build a new identity.
To starting a new career as a copywriter & podcaster, to fulfill the purpose of my life.
From paradigm to paradigm.

If you're reading this, if you can understand this, then you know what it means. You have immense potential.

Ryan Takemiya is a writer, DEIB speaker, and storyteller.  He is the founder of Rama, an Asian American creative community in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Through Rama he runs Talk Story, an Asian American storytelling open mic night, and Renaissance Men, an Asian American men's support group.  As a speaker he leads workshops on culture and identity, helping Asian Americans overcome what he calls "toxic invisibility" in both the workplace and life. 


TikTok: @asianamericanthought

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