#066 | The Disney Miracle of being American-Born Chinese ft. Victor Zheng II

May 23, 2022 Victor Zheng Episode 66
#066 | The Disney Miracle of being American-Born Chinese ft. Victor Zheng II
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#066: This is Part II of a great chat with Victor, who talks more about his experiences in film in America and China, and PURSUING HIS DREAMS KICKING IT WITH AND WORKING ALONGSIDE ASIAN HOLLYWOOD!

Really awesome story and projects. Inspiring. If you want to make something, just BUILD something for yourself and opportunities will appear! Even if they don't, you still have something. It'll take time, but it'll all be worth it! It's been worth it just making this podcast for you. Immensely rewarding. Don't sell yourself short! I believe in you!

Here's Part I if you missed it.

Victor Zheng is a Chinese American filmmaker from Fairfax County, Virginia. He is currently consulting on the Disney Plus show "American Born Chinese," starring Michelle Yeoh, Daniel Wu, Leonard Wu, Ke Huy Quan, and several other prolific Asian actors.

As an actor, he has participated in projects in China and the United States. He has been cast in major films such as the Korean War movie, "Devotion" which also stars Jonathan Majors, Glen Powell, and Joe Jonas in lead roles. He also has a bit part in the movie, "The Menu" which is lead by Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes. Victor has also been called onto prestigious projects such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Superstore”, “The Goldbergs”, and several other sets both at the Hollywood and independent level.

In 2020, out a desire to create content and defeat boredom during the pandemic, Victor Zheng created “Team Avatar Films," an independent film collective focused on sharing stories based on the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender. A huge cast and crew composed of dozens of actors, VFX artists, sound designers, and musicians were assembled to create over 70 minutes of film that will be released this summer. The trilogy that Victor has created with Team Avatar is currently titled "A Legend of Earth and Fire."

In his free time, Victor likes to go to the gym, read history books like a dork, and study other aspects of post-production. He is currently taking intensive courses on sound design, VFX, and acting in order to build his craft as a well-rounded filmmaker.

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