#070 | The Gift of Competition

December 26, 2022 Santa Claus Episode 70
#070 | The Gift of Competition
Show Notes

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This episode focuses on the importance of understanding competition as the basis of life and essential to nature, and why we must compete in order to become the best versions of ourselves in all aspects.

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas, Good Will to All Men!
This year, Santa Claus has a very special gift for you.

No, it's not a shiny new Macbook or a super car, a mansion or a six-star luxury trip to Paris.

This is the gift of... COMPETITION.

It means you have to compete with everyone else in the planet to get all the good things in life that you truly desire.

If you understand this, and you give it your all, you will succeed -- and you won't need me or anyone else to get you any gift. You can buy that Macbook, that super car, that mansion and that trip yourself.

But here's the catch: Now that the cat's out of the bag -- yes, my big red sack -- and Pandora's Box is open, there will no longer be NICE and NAUGHTY lists going forward.

There are just WINNERS, and LOSERS.
Compete, and become a winner.
But what if you're a loser?

You don't want to face the harsh reality of life and take the necessary actions to become the best version of yourself?



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