#049 | What Does a Happy Thanksgiving Mean to a Korean-American?

November 25, 2021 MAIM TIME Episode 49
#049 | What Does a Happy Thanksgiving Mean to a Korean-American?
Show Notes

#049: Happy Thanksgiving y’all! I’m thankful for my life today, all the good people in my life, and for my heritage and culture. I’m thankful and grateful and proud to be Korean, American, Korean-American, and thankful to be who I am today. 

What does a Happy Thanksgiving mean to a Korean-American like me?  Or to an Asian-American?  I combine both cultural aspects, and am lucky to be able to do so. I have a unique experience as an American that others don't. 

I apply the spirit of a historical tradition and extrapolate it to my own modern journey and circumstances as an Asian minority immigrant who grew up in America and now lives in Asia. 

Maybe you’re not going to be part of the majority, maybe you’re a minority.

Maybe you grew up feeling left out. 

Are you gonna stay that way or embrace the good parts, and contextualize it for your own life? 

I leave that as an open-ended question, and I ramble on and on and hard. 

Also a cheeky life update. Remember back in episode What I’m Sacrificing For My Dreams? I said I was gonna just be dedicating all kinds of time and devotion to this, MAIM TIME. I said, I need to go all in on one thing, my PASSION, right?  Find your thing, plant your flag on that hill, and never let go.  I still agree with that. 

But as of late, I’ve become super busy and I’m not able to work as much on this podcast.  I’m juggling 4-5 freelance / part-time projects at once right now. I’m lucky that these are all things I enjoy working on. I’m just trying not to burn out. If you wanna support, please just share these episodes with those who’d get value out of it! 

The truth is, fam, you get in where you fit in. Things in life don’t always go as you plan. Short term ideas become long term, long term ideas end quickly.

In short, I’m grateful for my life, grateful for this show, thankful for you! I love you! Please share the gratitude and love towards those around you. 

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