#050 | Being First Generation Gods with Aaron Tam

November 29, 2021 Aaron Tam Episode 50
#050 | Being First Generation Gods with Aaron Tam
Show Notes

#050: Aaron Tam is the founder and host of the First Generations Podcast. He is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)  and martial artist that loves to devote his time in networking and personal growth. Growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he was raised in an immigrant household with a scarcity mindset. Through walking his own path of struggles, failure, and adversity, he was able to discover his passion for self-development and many valuable life lessons that has helped him thrive today. He uses his podcast as a platform with the goal to inspire, motivate, offer insight, experience, and to empower people to believe in themselves. Aaron defines the term First Generation as someone that had paved their own path and definition of success on their own terms; no matter the hardships, negativity, and obstacles they had to overcome. Many individuals walk similar journeys in life but no one walks the exact same path. 

Being a cheeky CBC, we talk about Asian diaspora identity (of course), 

  • reconciling two different cultures, Western Individualism and Eastern Collectivism 
  • the feeling of duty in family and taking care of our parents 
  • my journey in Korea, learning Korean, getting in touch with my roots and all that (again) 
  • feeling out of place in the motherland and how we deal with it 
  • how we handle our emotions and reactions with people when we feel we’re treated differently 
  • how hardship serves as a catalyst for us to transform our lives and do awesome things 
  • the rich rewards of putting yourself out of your comfort zone

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