#053 | The Greatest Gift to Humanity

December 24, 2021 Sweet Baby Jesus Episode 53
#053 | The Greatest Gift to Humanity
Show Notes

#053: What is the greatest (Christmas) gift you've ever gotten? Maybe it was a new phone, or computer, or even a car. Maybe a guitar.

For me, it was some dinosaur toys, an Xbox 360 when I was a kid. But I'm not just talking about material gifts.


That's right, I'm going FULL MAIM TIME. HARD.

In the previous episode, "Christmas? What's Mean???" I talk about what growing up with Christmas was like, and what it means to me as a Korean-American now.

Here I talk more about it in the context of my Christian background, as I am what you might call Post Christian.

I used to feel despair, depressed, and suicidal. Then I met Jesus. Then I LOST Jesus and had my existential faith crisis.

Then I realized Jesus was all in my head, and there's nothing wrong with that. Man is made in the image of God (Imago Dei), but God is made in the image of man.

I interpret the message of hope and salvation for mankind in the birth of the Messiah in my own diabolical heretical way.

The historical and mythological birth of Jesus is the (Jungian) superconscious manifestation of humanity's desire to save itself.

Not from eternal torment in the after-life necessarily, but the torment and darkness from our struggles up until then and now.


This might sound mad cheesy but that gift is HOPE MOFOS!!! Hope for a second chance. HOPE for a better life.

HOPE FOR HUMANITY! The gift of life itself, and the opportunity to evolve and become the best version of yourself.

The hopes and dreams of mankind reflected on the peaceful babyface of Oh So Sweet Baby Jesus.

This is the greatest time in human history to be alive, especially for the Asian peoples and the Asian diaspora.

We have so much opportunity to get whatever we want in this life.

Knowledge, art, money, power, sex, friendships, loyalty, love, charity, contribution.

We as individuals have the power to be our own Messiahs, through self-knowledge and self-actualization.

We can use the power of the Internet and memes to transform ourselves into muthafkin gawwwwdz m8!

And I'mma use this Baby Jesus meme, the meme of Christmas, to accelerate our own 21st century Übermenschen Messianism.

Baby Jesus is IN YOU!

You ARE the Baby Jesus!

The Messiah is within YOU!

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