#055 | Making 2022 the Best Year of Our Lives LFG (HARD)

January 05, 2022 Episode 55
#055 | Making 2022 the Best Year of Our Lives LFG (HARD)
Show Notes

#055: Last episode, we talked about how HARD 2021 was.

This episode is about New Years resolutions (or if that's a loaded term for you, just say goals) for 2022, and let me tell you:

I'm going to absolutely fkin kill it HARD! LFG!

No matter how HARD last year was, or how much life sucks, just remember... IT CAN ALWAYS GET WORSE LOL

The only thing within my control is to get stronger, smarter, more disciplined, more resilient, humbler, more compassionate, more grateful.

We can categorize different aspects of our life, the physical, mental, social, financial, spiritual, etc. and see how we can improve in each.

The more specific I go, the more realistically I can actually track and take action, and the closer I get to my goals.

Click here for the show notes page for all the goals and sources!

There is a wealth of stuff here for y'all to delve into, so please take time to check them out and see if you can't find something that'll add a lot of value to you this year!


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