#056 | From Korea to Bolivia to America - Samy Kwon Part 1

January 11, 2022 Samy Kwon Episode 56
#056 | From Korea to Bolivia to America - Samy Kwon Part 1
Show Notes

#056: How many Asian brothers or sisters do you know that grew up in Latin America speaking Spanish, and then immigrated to the US to KILL IT and live a life of freedom? Samy is the mfkin gawd of recycling metals, m8. Here we have a dope convo with a brother from another mother, my Korean-Bolivian brotha Samy living it up in Cali!

  • We talk about our parents sacrificing to take us from Korea (Asia) to the other side of the world (North and South America).
  • Samy shares about his struggles growing up in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Samy's a fighter, and a talker. He wouldn't take sheeeeeiiit from no one!
  • But then when he was 23 his parents kicked him out and sent his ass to study in America without knowing English or having any skills LOL
  • While I take English being my first language for granted, Samy mentions he wishes he could have learned English when he was a teenager. If you're Asian-American or a native English-speaking Asian cause your parents took you to another country, consider yourself privileged and fortunate!
  • MAJOR SETBACKS that can feel like the END OF THE FKIN WORLD and make you feel WORTHLESS and like a FAILURE... are all important opportunities to learn and grow from. It's natural, it's human, and it's gawdly to be able to learn and recover, live your life, and take action to do better going forward!
  • Just another great story of life showing that life is all about UPs and DOWNs.
  • FREEDOM IS PRICELESS! If you're gonna work a corporate job, try to work in a good industry or a good company that'll give you freedom to do what you want after you provide results.
  • MONEY ALWAYS GOIN' BE MADE! You need to be happy, you need to love what you're doing.
  • Today's not gonna come back. You have to enjoy the process.

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